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Mindful Hikes: Give Yourself the Chance

Minfulness takes over in nature. How? Our Mindful Hikes are morning hikes with a deep immersion in mindfulness practices, fully guided by a certified mindfulness teacher.

A typical Mindful hike starts with a short introduction to the concept and practice of mindfulness, followed by a short practice. Then, we start walking the trail following a guidance to bring attention/awareness to the present moment.

While hiking, you will be directed to reconnect with your senses, your body and your inner self.

“Thank you all for a lovely introspection and inspirational morning!
Frieda Vosloo

In The Mindfulness Coach’s Mindful Hikes you will participate in breathing exercises, mindful movements, silence and grounding practices, as well as sitting practices of awareness of the moment, exploration of each of your senses, and time for a group sharing.

“ Really meaningful, fullfiling and an experience to repeat. Everytime is unique and wonderful. Thank you “
Miriam Iparraguirre

Our Mindful Hikes take place in different trails, situated no more than one hour drive from Johannesburg / Pretoria. The hike´s distance and level of difficulty varies from trail to trail, but we make sure to curate hikes for beginners and experienced hikers as well. To join our hikes simple drop us a message or send us an email.

“ Such an awakening experience packed with such powerful practices! Would definitely do it again.”
Tarrin Havenga

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