Impact of The Mindfulness Coach in People’s Lives

“I completed the Mindfulness Training with Dr Lilian Cabiron during 2019. I benefitted physically, emotionally and spiritually through-out the process and the experience unlocked paths and ideas within me enabling me to follow and trust my inner being with more purpose and confidence. Lilian is a wonderful human being and genuinely invests her passion and understanding into each student as she follows her path of serving others.”

Paul Jooste (40). Franchise Executive

Lilian’s selflessness and love for you, is her driving force to find what stands in the way of your maximum potential.

 Dr Orlando Rojas (54). Biologically Orientated Dentist ( Facebook Review )

As a transformational coach, Lilian did an outstanding job with my wife on an extremely difficult health situation. I can highly recommend Lilian’s work.

Fernando Pires (59) Agricultura. (LinkedIn Review)

“I decided to do the MBSR Course to experience the benefits of mindfulness. Dr Lilian Cabiron was one of the facilitators of the course and gave so much of herself in every moment of the course. I found her to be knowledgeable, engaging and calm. She offered many practical tips on how to practice mindfulness day to day. The course helped me to realize that thoughts are just thoughts. It taught me to be kind to myself. One thing I liked was the body scan meditations. The course was beneficial for my general wellbeing which motivated me to dedicate the time and stay committed to the work for eight weeks. I would recommend the course to people who would like to improve their quality of life in general.

Isabella Lawrence (60) Property Manager, Passionate Traveller, Spiritual Student

“Before I met Dr Lilian Cabiron I was very anxious about certain aspects of my life.  Dr Cabiron suggested I try mindfulness meditation to help me be more in the now and not so caught up in my anxious thoughts. Now after actively cultivating the habit of practicing mindfulness meditation on a daily basis with the help of Dr Cabiron, I feel more present, I learnt to deal with anxiety better and to practice more self-compassion, which has helped me a lot.  I highly recommend working with Dr Cabiron she really is the best, with all the knowledge and qualifications she has she is truly able to provide holistic life coaching –

 Florencia Vidal (28) Administrative Assistant.