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Six Easy Steps to Skilfully Navigate Stressful Moments

// The Sole of The Feet. Practice freely adapted from Singh et al. (2003) //

Everybody feels stress and strong emotions. It is part of being human. The key to a wise way to encounter them is to be able to respond and not to react. When you respond, first you acknowledge your emotions. But when reacting, you are by-passing  them.

Let me share with you six easy steps to skilfully navigate stressful moments.

This practice, called “The Sole of the Feet”, helps make considered choices:

  1. Adjust posture: If walking, slow down the pace. If standing, let the body stand naturally erected. If sitting, rest your feet on the floor. Release, as much as possible, any tension in your body.
  2. Allow your breath to be natural.
  3. Notice the emotions, thoughts and any body-sensation arising. Just observe them.
  4. Direct the attention to the sole of your feet. Slowly, feel your toes, the ball of your feet, the arch extending towards the back and the heels.
  5. Observe again the quality of your thoughts and body sensations.
  6. When you perceive that you can respond, and not react, remember that you CAN choose to disengage or skilfully respond.

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