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Three Everyday Life Practices of Mindfulness

// Mindfulness in Daily Life //

1- Be Present in Little Domestic Chores.

Choose one simple chore to focus on, every day. Then do it bringing your full attention to every sensation triggered by that activity. Focus on your senses and the information that comes from them. Just acknowledge each input without judgement.

2- Catch Your Breath.

Once a day (or more, if you wish so) stop what you are doing for a few seconds.  Bring your attention to your breathing. Take a deep breath and sense all what you can about it. Where do you feel it? Stay with the breathing as it is. Allowing its natural occurrence. Notice its characteristics; short or long, regular or irregular… Sense your rib cage expanding and contracting.

3- Notice Something Enjoyable.

During your day take a few moments to acknowledge the small miracles around you: the sun shining, the rain droplets, an insect working, a bird singing …The list is endless. You will discover more and more joyful events day by day. Then be present in that spark of divinity. Embrace your sensations and let the thoughts go by.  Just for a moment.

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