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8 Essential Hints to Establish Your Meditation Practice

The practice of mindfulness meditation is actually very simple. It requires to just observe the present moment, without judgement and without trying to change anything.

As simple as it is, the practice does not always come easy, especially at the beginning.

There are some tips you can follow to help the practice embody with your routines and life. For it to be sustainable, you need to make it a habit. A routine or behaviour that occurs often and regularly… and for a habit to form you need above everything, REPETITION.

So, let me give you some hints that will assist you in making the practice, a habit:

  1. Commit for the long term. Challenge yourself to practice for the next 60 days. Do not examine your progress every day or every week. Practice it and let it go. Do not add any particular expectation.
  • Make it formal. Meditate every day. It is better to do five minutes every day than 20 minutes, only one day of the week. Repetition is what creates the habit, not the length of the practice.
  • Choose your “Meditation” place. It can be a room in your home or a corner /area of any room that has another function (bedroom…) Make your space special and sacred. Perhaps you can add a candle, or a special chair or cushion, incense, crystals, special image or picture. You can add anything that has a special meaning for you.
  • Be undisturbed. Make sure that the place you have chosen is an area where you can be in solitude for the length of the meditation.
  • Same time of day, every day. If you are a morning person, perhaps meditation in the early hours suits you better. Choose whatever feels easier and more comfortable.
  • Let the meditation be, and don’t get stuck in feelings of anger or frustration because of the way you practice. Acknowledge those feelings and let them depart from you.
  • Posture. Experiment with different types of practices and postures: cross-legged, sitting, lying on your back. This last position is not advisable for beginners because it can disconnect your attention and lead you to fall asleep.
  • Take notice when your interest in meditation begins to decrease. After the excitement at the beginning you will find resistance to practice in the form of lack of time, lack of purpose, boredom … this is when you have to practice the most.

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