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I Stopped Living in “Automatic Pilot”. You Should Too. Here is Why.

// Mindfulness & Stress Reduction //

In the business of everyday life we lose contact very often with ourselves and with our inner truth. We spend our lives living in “automatic pilot“. Actually, it is seldom that we can get in touch with the full extension of our possibilities and with that, we lose the best opportunity we have to create, learn and grow.

We get caught in running and doing, always looking for what is going to come next and most of the time dragging our past with us by thinking of what was previously said, done or wished.

This robot-like behaviour comes with a long list of additional and unfortunate values: alienation to others’ wishes and desires, tension, worries, fear, anxiety, depression, lack of interest and pathological stress just to mention a few. Most people are not conscious of this state – this dissociation from the inner self – especially those of us from occidental cultures.

We tend to believe the “autopilot living” and its consequences do not apply to us. We can see a bit of that in others but cannot recognize the signs of “alienation to the self” in us.  What we don’t know is that paradoxically, this dissociation is the very reason for our lack of awareness. If we are not careful, this kind of blindness can last most of our life.

To start listening to ourselves and living the PRESENT we have to de-accelerate for a while, pause that race and allow our inner voice to be heard. That present moment must become consistent. Mindfulness practices offer the possibility to regain contact with the present and potentially fine tune to our true self. Mindfulness meditation is one of the most well-known and widespread  practices in the world to walk that path. Through this practice, for a few minutes you shut out the world and all of its problems to spend time with yourself.

Scientific research shows that mindfulness meditation can potentially relieve stress and reduces anxiety, assists greatly with the management of depression and reduces its reoccurrence. It improves work memory and focus attention.  Mindfulness practices also result in less emotional reactivity, more cognitive flexibility and self-insight. Evidence suggest that mindfulness meditation has other numerous health benefits such as improvement of immune system functioning and overall improvement of well-being.

Are you considering that Mindfulness Meditation can be a beneficial practice for you?

Is it time for you to stop living in Automatic Pilot?

Then, the best time to start is right in this moment . The perfect time is NOW.

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