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Losing interest ? How to keep your Mindfulness Meditation Practice going

I was so excited to start my practice! Learning “how to meditate” was not easy in an environment that was very closed to any practice that didn’t look “traditional and westernian”.

Many years ago, without the easy access to internet research offers, it was a matter of a very intentional exploration of small cultural pockets to find directions. After months of collecting little pieces of knowledge about how to start meditating, I could not stop myself from practicing day after day after day.

I started to experience the benefits of meditation… But after some time, I found myself too busy to sit and practice every day. The following day I was saying to myself: “first I finish what I have at hand and then, tomorrow I will sit and practice”. Then the following day I thought “well, just one more day will not make a difference” and without even noticing it, in a very mindless way my practicing was losing momentum.

Thanks to my awareness training, I eventually noticed I was drifting away from the practice. I observed my justification thoughts and self-denial. So, I sat on the cushion with that experience, mindfully exploring it.

While bringing kindness toward myself, for being human and imperfect, a question emerged in me: What do I really need in this moment?

It is from the exploration of that quest that I would like to share with you what helped me to reestablish, and also spice up, my mindfulness practice, every time I needed. These are the strategies that helped me:

  • Revisit your intention: Why it is important to you?
  • Make a realistic plan for your practice. Keep the practice simple and short.
  • Anchor your practice. Choose one same place to meditate, day after day.
  • Link meditation to a habit. Connect your practice after something you do consistently.
  • Use a meditation App.
  • Buddy up. Find a partner for the practice, to increase accountability.
  • Join in a group. It assists with accountability and inspiration.
  • Use different types of mindfulness meditations.
  • Find a reading. Books and articles about mindfulness meditation can be a great source of inspiration.
  • Watch a talk. There are many very interesting talks from great teachers and practitioners available online.
  • Retreat. Participate in a short Mindfulness Retreat to experience something different and inspiring.

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