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The Secret of Distant Reiki

// Reiki Treatment When Not in Presence //

Reiki is a safe, non-invasive and gentle hands-on healing treatment which uses subtle energy to treat alignments. “It is a holistic system for balancing, healing harmonizing all aspects of a person”. (Reiki For Life. Penelope Quest. Piatkus Books, 2012)

During the training, the Reiki student learns it is possible to perform treatments in the presence of the person who will receive the healing , but also to energetically connect with the recipient of the treatment through the distance, and deliver a full treatment, with equally good results. Distant Reiki works on the principle in which we are all interconnected, as we are all made of energy and belonging to a larger “whole”.

Before embarking in a distant Reiki treatment, the practitioner needs to have the clear recipient’s consent to receive it. The patient has to express that he/she wants to receive Reiki. Otherwise the practitioner will be intruding in their personal space without permission.

Once the permission is obtained there are two different treatments that can be sent:

Reiki Treatment for General Healing

The treatment is done typically using the recipient’s photo. It is a short session that sends “general healing “. The session lasts a maximum of fifteen minutes. 

Distant Full Reiki Treatment

It requires the recipient to find a quiet time and place to rest while the treatment is performed, at distance.

The practitioner typically uses a “correspondence”, which will represent the person’s body where the Reiki practitioner will place the hands, as if in-presence. The whole session will carry as a standard treatment, therefore it will last the same time, between 50 to 60 minutes.

Most people are sceptical about Distant Reiki and I do understand them. I was very sceptical too. However, after a decade performing this modality amongst hands-on Reiki treatments, and coupled with my personal experience as a recipient, it has revealed to me the beneficial effects of Reiki occurs with distant modalities too.

Distant Reiki works because energy is not limited by distance. If you still find it difficult to accept it, then think about other energies that are present in our lives and we cannot see : electricity, microwaves, radios, cell phones and wi-fi. Perhaps ,then you will consider Distant Reiki next time. Give yourself the chance!

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